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Dang Hut – Southern Gujarat

Dang, located in the Sahyadri hills of South Gujarat, is an area of dense forest and the home of several tribal communities, one of which is the Kundi tribe. The Kundi make their living as traditional farmers using ancient agricultural methods. Their dwellings are typically small and are constructed of wooden poles and bamboo. Strips of these materials are woven in a crisscross fashion, then a mixture of clay and dung is, applied to bind together and consolidate the structure as well as to insulate the house. Handmade tiles are used for roofing.

The Kumbi hut is more like a farmhouse. The tribes people share their homes with their animals and the main living space is used for tying animals and storing the farm implements, these being their most valuable possessions. A vessel (Kothi) fashioned out of bamboo leaves and clay is used for the storage of food grains.