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Pethapur Haveli – Pethapur, Gujarat

Pethapur is a small town famous for print block making near I Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. This double-storeyed haveli is an exact 1 reconstruction of the traditional architecture of Pethapur and is over I 100 years old. Constructed with solid wooden floors, ceilings and I doors, this house is a fine example of the traditional woodcarving for I which the region is justly proud. Particularly noteworthy are the I intricate woodcarving on the pillars, especially those that decorate the I gokhda (balcony).

The carving tends towards floral motifs; stylised, swirling I vines such as decorate the front of the balcony, fern-like fronds (used I on the brackets) and daisies, carved on the door and in rows in the I porch ceiling. The brackets are also adorned with a rearing horse, and | for those who look carefully, they may I find some tiny carved peacocks hidden I amongst the carved foliage.

The haveli is essentially a two i up, two down, two-storey building, [although there is access to the roof i space. The first floor is reached by I stairs that are so steep that they amount I to a glorified ladder. The varies I chambers abound in wall cupboards of I varying sizes, and there is..one hidden I cupboard for the storage of valuables. I There’s nothing in it now. 1 checked. I But you are challenged to find it!