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Saharia Hut Kota , Eastern Rajasthan

The Saharia tribes are located in the hilly, forested area in the Kota district. The main occupation of the Saharias is gathering forest produce. The walls of their huts are constructed of stone, plastered with mud. The roof may be either tiled or grass thatched.

 The exterior of the hut may be whitened with lime-wash and further enhanced with bright and colorful patterns called Mandana, which is generally concentrated around the doorway. The Mandana artwork around the doors of the two Saharia huts here comprises dozens of simple floral motifs arranged into a wide border above the lintels and down the sides of the doors. The interior of the hut is simply a single room; half for sleeping and the other half used as a kitchen, in which a mud kothi is situated for the storage of foods and valuables.